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27) "Mathematical Problems in Transport Theory"
C. Cercignani (Politecnico of Milano) carcer@mate.polimi.it
I. Gamba (University of Texas) gamba@mail.ma.utexas.edu

This minisymposium will focus on mathematical issues associated with modeling processes for which transport is one of the most complicated components. This includes processes that include length scales that range from the order of mean-free paths to many times over different spatial-temporal regions of the problem, thereby requiring different transport models in each region for effective modeling.Typical examples are the Boltzmann equation for rarified gases or rapid granular flows and transport equation for radiation and plasma in heterogenous domains. The minisymposium will focus on issues related to existence, stability and qualitative behavior of the solutions to the models under consideration as well as the corresponding asymptotics hydrodynamics approximations.

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M. Pulvirenti, Università di Roma "La Sapienza" tex format ps format
G. Toscani, Università di Pavia tex format ps format
M. Anile, Università di Catania tex format ps format
E. Carlen, Georgia Tech tex format ps format
W. Strauss, Brown University tex format ps format
J. Jerome, Northwestern University tex format ps format
C. Ringhofer, Arizona State University tex format ps format
M. Rudan, Università di Bologna tex format ps format
C.D. Levermore. University of Maryland    


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