Special Sessions - Abstracts


50) "Contributed papers"


Thursday 13 - Room C1
09: 15 Kazimierz Nikodem On K-? - convex set-valuted maps
09:30 Jerzy Konderak Pseudo - Riemannian twistor spinors on Fefferman spaces
09:45 Andrea Zastrow Homology and Homotopy of subsets of surface
10:00 S. Gurak Gauss and Eisenstein sums of order twelve
10:15 Hwai - Chiuan Wang A Palais - Smale approach to Sobolev subcritical operators
10:30 J. B. Gatsinzi On the genus of elliptic fibrations
10:45 Kandasamy Muthuvel --


Saturday 15 - Room E
16 :00 Ioan James --
16: 15 Zhi - Qiang Wang Symmetry breaking of extremal functions for weighted Sobolev inequalities
16:30 Giuseppe Alý High order estimates for the multi - dimensional hydrodynamic model for two - carrier plasmas
16:45 Tuong Ton-That A generalized Poincare Theorem for dual Lie transformation groups
17:00 Laura De Carli On the restriction properties of the Fourier Transform and related problems



Special Sessions