Special Sessions

1) "Advances in Complex, Contact and Symplectic Geometry "
P. de Bartolomeis (University of Firenze) deba@dm.unifi.it
Y. Eliashberg (Stanford)
G. Tian
G. Tomassini
(Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) tomassini@sns.it

2) "Advances in Differential Geometry of PDE's and Applications"
V. Lychagin (New Jersey Institute of Technology, University Heights, Newark) lychagin@mat-stat.uit.no
A. Prastaro
(University of Roma, "La Sapienza") Prastaro@dmmm.uniroma1.it

3) "Algebraic Vector Bundles"
V. Ancona (University of Firenze) vincenzo.ancona@math.unifi.it
M. Kumar (Washington University) kumar@math.wustl.edu
G. Ottaviani (University of Firenze) ottaviani@math.unifi.it
C. Peterson (Colorado State University) peterson@math.colostate.edu
P. Rao (University of Missouri) rao@arch.cs.umsl.edu

4) "Analytic Aspects of Convex Geometry"
S. Campi (University of Modena) campi@unimo.it
R. Gardner (Western Washington University) Richard.Gardner@wwu.edu
E. Lutwak
(Polytechnic University Brooklyn) elutwak@duke.poly.edu
A. Volcic
(University of Trieste) volcic@univ.trieste.it

5) "Classification Theory and Topology of Algebraic Varietes"
F. Catanese (University of Goettingen) catanese@uni-math.gwdg.de catanese@zeno.math.fsu.edu
J. Kollar
(Princeton) kollar@math.princeton.edu
S.-T. Yau
(Harvard) yau@math.harvard.edu

6) "Commutative Algebra and the Geometry of Projective Varietes"
C. Ciliberto (University of Roma II) cilibert@math.uniroma2.it
T. Geramita
R. Miranda
(Colorado) miranda@math.colostate.edu
F. Orecchia (University of Napoli) orecchia@dma.unina.it

7) "Commutative Algebra: Hilbert Functions, Homological Methods and Combinatorial Aspects"
A. Conca
(University of Genova) conca@dima.unige.it
A. Guerrieri (University of L'Aquila) guerran@univaq.it
C. Polini
(University of Oregon) polini@math.uoregon.edu
B. Ulrich
(Michigan State University) ulrich@math.msu.edu

8) "Commutative Rings and Integer- valued Polynomials"
S. Gabelli (University of Roma III) gabelli@mat.uniroma3.it
T. G. Lucas (University of North Carolina Charlotte) tglucas@email.uncc.edu

9) "Complex, Contact and Quaternionic Geometry"
D. E. Blair (Michigan State University) blair@math.msu.edu
S. Marchiafava (University of Roma "La Sapienza") marchiaf@mercurio.mat.uniroma1.it

10) "Contemporary Developments in Partial Differential Equations and in the Calculus of Variations"
I. Fonseca (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg) fonseca@andrew.cmu.edu
P. Marcellini (University of Firenze) marcell@udini.math.unifi.it

11) "Approaches to the proof"
F. Arzarello (University of Torino) arzarello@dm.unito.it
G. Harel
(Purdue University)
V. Villani
(University of Pisa)

12) "Dynamical Systems"
A. Giorgilli (University of Milano-Bicocca) antonio@matapp.unimib.it
S. Marmi (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) marmi@sns.it
J. Mather (Princeton) jnm@math.princeton.edu

13) "Elliptic Partial Differential Equations"
A. Alvino (University of Napoli) angelo.alvino@dma.unina.it
L. Caffarelli (University of Texas) caffarel@mail.ma.utexas.edu
G. Talenti (University of Firenze) talenti@math.unifi.it
V. Oliker oliker@mathcs.emory.edu

14) "Equazioni di evoluzione nonlineari"
A. Tesei (University of Roma, "La Sapienza") tesei@mat.uniroma1.it
W.-M. Ni (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis) ni@math.umn.edu

15) "Free Boundary Problems"
R. Nochetto (College Park, Maryland)
A. Visintin
(University of Trento) visintin@science.unitn.it

16) "Geometric Properties of Solutions to PDEs"
D. Danielli (Purdue University) danielli@math.purdue.edu
S. Salsa (Politecnico of Milano) sansal@mate.polimi.it

17) "Harmonic Analysis"
F. Ricci (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) fricci@sns.it
E. M. Stein
(Princeton University) stein@math.princeton.edu

18) Session whitdrawn by promoters

19) "History of Mathematics"
P. Bursill-Hall (Cambridge) piers@pop.dpmms.cam.ac.uk
E. Giusti (University of Firenze) giusti@math.unifi.it
J. Tattersall
(Providence) tat@providence.edu

20) "Hyperbolic Equations"
S. Klainerman (Princeton)
S. Spagnolo
(University of Pisa) spagnolo@dm.unipi.it

21) "Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws"
A. Bressan
(SISSA, Trieste) bressan@sissa.it
S. Jin (University of Wisconsin) jin@math.wisc.edu

22) "Inverse Boundary Problems and Applications"
G. Alessandrini (University of Trieste) alessang@univ.trieste.it
G. Uhlmann
(University of Washington) gunther@math.washington.edu

23) Session whitdrawn by promoters

24) "Kolmogorov Equations"
G. Da Prato (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) daprato@sns.it
N. V. Krylov

25) "Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry"
A. Adolphson (University of Stillwater) adolphs@math.okstate.edu
F. Baldassarri (University of Padova) baldassa@math.unipd.it
M. Bertolini (University of Padova) massimo@math.unipd.it
S. Sperber (Univ.of Minneapolis) sperber@math.umn.edu
D. Ulmer (University of Arizona at Tucson) ulmer@math.arizona.edu

26) "Mathematical Problems in Soft Matter Modelling"
E. C. Gartland (Kent State University) gartland@mcs.kent.edu
E. Virga
(University of Pavia) virga@dragon.ian.pv.cnr.it

27) "Mathematical Problems in Transport Theory"
C. Cercignani (Politecnico of Milano) carcer@mate.polimi.it
I. Gamba (University of Texas) gamba@mail.ma.utexas.edu

28) "Mathematical Schools: Italy and the United States at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"
U. Bottazzini (University of Palermo) bottazzi@math.unipa.it
K. H. Parshall
(University of Virginia) khp3k@virginia.edu

29) "Mathematical modelling for continua with internal growth"
A. Fasano (University Of Firenze) fasano@mat.unifi.it
K. R. Rajagopal
(Texas University)

30) "Microlocal Analysis and Applications to PDE"
D. Del Santo (University of Trieste) delsanto@univ.trieste.it
M. K. V. Murthy (University of Pisa) murthy@dm.unipi.it
D. Tataru (Northwestern University) tataru@math.northwestern.edu

31) "Nonlinear Analysis"
A. Ambrosetti (SISSA, Trieste) ambr@sissa.it
V. Benci
(University of Pisa) benci@dma.unipi.it
H. Brezis
(Rutgers University)
P. Rabinowitz
(University of Wisconsin)

32) "Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Equations and Systems"
G. Lieberman (Iowa State University) lieb@iastate.edu
A. Maugeri
(University of Catania) maugeri@dipmat.unict.it

33) "Nonstandard Methods and Applications in Mathematics"
A. Berarducci (University of Pisa)
N. Cutland
(University of Hull)
M. Di Nasso (University of Pisa) pisa2002@infinitesimals.org
D. Ross (University of Hawaii)

34) "Operator Algebras"
S. Doplicher (University of Roma, "La Sapienza") dopliche@mat.uniroma1.it
E. Effros (Math. Dept. UCLA, Los Angeles)

35) "Optimization and Control"
R. Triggiani (Charlottesville, Virginia) rt7u@virginia.edu
T. Zolezzi (University of Genova)

36) "Partial Differential Equations of Mixed Elliptic - Hyperbolic Type and Applications"
D. Lupo (Politecnico of Milano) danlup@mate.polimi.it
C. S. Morawetz
(Courant Institute) morawetz@cims.nyu.edu
K. R. Payne
(University of Milano) payne@balinor.mat.unimi.it

37) "Periodic Solutions of Differential and Difference Equations"
M. Furi (University of Firenze) furi@dma.unifi.it
M. Martelli
(Clarmont Mckenna College) mmartelli@mckenna.edu

38) "Poisson Geometry and Integrable Systems"
F. Magri (University of Milano) magri@mat.unimi.it
P. Xu
(Penn State University) ping@math.psu.edu

39) "Quantum Cohomology and Moduli Spaces"
A. Vistoli (University of Bologna) vistoli@dm.unibo.it
A. Bertram (University of Utah) bertram@math.utah.edu

40) "Scaling Limits and Homogenization Problems in Physics and Applied Sciences"
M. Pulvirenti (University of Roma) pulvirenti@axcasp.caspur.it
G. Papanicolau (Stanford University) papanico@math.stanford.edu

41) "Semigroups, Automata and Formal Languages"
A. Cherubini (Politecnico of Milano) aleche@math.polimi.it
J. Meakin (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) jmeakin@math.unl.edu

42) "Semigroups of Operators and Applications"
F. Altomare (University of Bari) altomare@pascal.dm.uniba.it
F. Neubrander
(Louisiana State University) neubrand@math.lsu.edu

43) Session whitdrawn by promoters

44) "Some Mathematics around Composites"
B. Kohn (Courant Institute) kohn@cims.nyu.edu
V. Nesi
(University of Roma, "La Sapienza") nesi@mercurio.mat.uniroma1.it )

45) "Structured Matrix Analysis with Applications"
D. A. Bini (University of Pisa) bini@dm.unipi.it
T. Kailath (Stanford University) kailath@stanford.edu

46) "The Topology of 3 - manifolds"
R. Benedetti (University of Pisa) benedett@gauss.dm.unipi.it
C. Petronio
(University of Pisa) petronio@dm.unipi.it
D. Rolfsen
(Vancouver) rolfsen@math.ubc.ca
J. Weeks
(Canton NY) weeks@northnet.org

47) "Variational Analysis and Applications"
F. Giannessi (University of Pisa) giannessi@dm.unipi.it
B. S. Mordukhovic
(University of Detroit) aa1086@wayne.edu
B. Ricceri
(University of Catania) ricceri@dipmath.unict.it
T. Rockafellar
(University of Washington) rtr@math.washington.edu

48) "Viscosity Methods in PDE's and Applications"
P. Cannarsa (University of Roma II) cannarsa@mat.uniroma2.it
I. Capuzzo Dolcetta
(University of Roma, "La Sapienza") capuzzo@mat.uniroma1.it
P. Souganidis
(University of Texas at Austin) souganid@fireant.ma.utexas.edu

49) Session whitdrawn by promoters

50) "Contributed papers"

51) "Algebraic Logic and Universal Algebra"
P. Aglianò (University of Siena) agliano@unisi.it
K. Kearnes (University of Colorado) kearnes@euclid.colorado.edu
D. Pigozzi (Iowa State University) dpigozzi@iastate.edu
F. Montagna (University of Siena) montagna@unisi.it


Planning of Special Sessions

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