Sessioni Speciali

1) "Advances in Complex, Contact and Symplectic Geometry "
P. de Bartolomeis (University of Firenze)
Y. Eliashberg (Stanford)
G. Tian
G. Tomassini
(Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)

2) "Advances in Differential Geometry of PDE's and Applications"
V. Lychagin (New Jersey Institute of Technology, University Heights, Newark)
A. Prastaro
(University of Roma, "La Sapienza")

3) "Algebraic Vector Bundles"
V. Ancona (University of Firenze)
M. Kumar (Washington University)
G. Ottaviani (University of Firenze)
C. Peterson (Colorado State University)
P. Rao (University of Missouri)

4) "Analytic Aspects of Convex Geometry"
S. Campi (University of Modena)
R. Gardner (Western Washington University)
E. Lutwak
(Polytechnic University Brooklyn)
A. Volcic
(University of Trieste)

5) "Classification Theory and Topology of Algebraic Varietes"
F. Catanese (University of Goettingen)
J. Kollar
S.-T. Yau

6) "Commutative Algebra and the Geometry of Projective Varietes"
C. Ciliberto (University of Roma II)
T. Geramita
R. Miranda
F. Orecchia (University of Napoli)

7) "Commutative Algebra: Hilbert Functions, Homological Methods and Combinatorial Aspects"
A. Conca
(University of Genova)
A. Guerrieri (University of L'Aquila)
C. Polini
(University of Oregon)
B. Ulrich
(Michigan State University)

8) "Commutative Rings and Integer- valued Polynomials"
S. Gabelli (University of Roma III)
T. G. Lucas (University of North Carolina Charlotte)

9) "Complex, Contact and Quaternionic Geometry"
D. E. Blair (Michigan State University)
S. Marchiafava (University of Roma "La Sapienza")

10) "Contemporary Developments in Partial Differential Equations and in the Calculus of Variations"
I. Fonseca (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg)
P. Marcellini (University of Firenze)

11) "Approaches to the proof"
F. Arzarello (University of Torino)
G. Harel
(Purdue University)
V. Villani
(University of Pisa)

12) "Dynamical Systems"
A. Giorgilli (University of Milano-Bicocca)
S. Marmi (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
J. Mather (Princeton)

13) "Elliptic Partial Differential Equations"
A. Alvino (University of Napoli)
L. Caffarelli (University of Texas)
G. Talenti (University of Firenze)
V. Oliker

14) "Equazioni di evoluzione nonlineari"
A. Tesei (University of Roma, "La Sapienza")
W.-M. Ni (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis)

15) "Free Boundary Problems"
R. Nochetto (College Park, Maryland)
A. Visintin
(University of Trento)

16) "Geometric Properties of Solutions to PDEs"
D. Danielli (Purdue University)
S. Salsa (Politecnico of Milano)

17) "Harmonic Analysis"
F. Ricci (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
E. M. Stein
(Princeton University)

18) Session whitdrawn by promoters

19) "History of Mathematics"
P. Bursill-Hall (Cambridge)
E. Giusti (University of Firenze)
J. Tattersall

20) "Hyperbolic Equations"
S. Klainerman (Princeton)
S. Spagnolo
(University of Pisa)

21) "Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws"
A. Bressan
(SISSA, Trieste)
S. Jin (University of Wisconsin)

22) "Inverse Boundary Problems and Applications"
G. Alessandrini (University of Trieste)
G. Uhlmann
(University of Washington)

23) Session whitdrawn by promoters

24) "Kolmogorov Equations"
G. Da Prato (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
N. V. Krylov

25) "Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry"
A. Adolphson (University of Stillwater)
F. Baldassarri (University of Padova)
M. Bertolini (University of Padova)
S. Sperber (Univ.of Minneapolis)
D. Ulmer (University of Arizona at Tucson)

26) "Mathematical Problems in Soft Matter Modelling"
E. C. Gartland (Kent State University)
E. Virga
(University of Pavia)

27) "Mathematical Problems in Transport Theory"
C. Cercignani (Politecnico of Milano)
I. Gamba (University of Texas)

28) "Mathematical Schools: Italy and the United States at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"
U. Bottazzini (University of Palermo)
K. H. Parshall
(University of Virginia)

29) "Mathematical modelling for continua with internal growth"
A. Fasano (University Of Firenze)
K. R. Rajagopal
(Texas University)

30) "Microlocal Analysis and Applications to PDE"
D. Del Santo (University of Trieste)
M. K. V. Murthy (University of Pisa)
D. Tataru (Northwestern University)

31) "Nonlinear Analysis"
A. Ambrosetti (SISSA, Trieste)
V. Benci
(University of Pisa)
H. Brezis
(Rutgers University)
P. Rabinowitz
(University of Wisconsin)

32) "Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Equations and Systems"
G. Lieberman (Iowa State University)
A. Maugeri
(University of Catania)

33) "Nonstandard Methods and Applications in Mathematics"
A. Berarducci (University of Pisa)
N. Cutland
(University of Hull)
M. Di Nasso (University of Pisa)
D. Ross (University of Hawaii)

34) "Operator Algebras"
S. Doplicher (University of Roma, "La Sapienza")
E. Effros (Math. Dept. UCLA, Los Angeles)

35) "Optimization and Control"
R. Triggiani (Charlottesville, Virginia)
T. Zolezzi (University of Genova)

36) "Partial Differential Equations of Mixed Elliptic - Hyperbolic Type and Applications"
D. Lupo (Politecnico of Milano)
C. S. Morawetz
(Courant Institute)
K. R. Payne
(University of Milano)

37) "Periodic Solutions of Differential and Difference Equations"
M. Furi (University of Firenze)
M. Martelli
(Clarmont Mckenna College)

38) "Poisson Geometry and Integrable Systems"
F. Magri (University of Milano)
P. Xu
(Penn State University)

39) "Quantum Cohomology and Moduli Spaces"
A. Vistoli (University of Bologna)
A. Bertram (University of Utah)

40) "Scaling Limits and Homogenization Problems in Physics and Applied Sciences"
M. Pulvirenti (University of Roma)
G. Papanicolau (Stanford University)

41) "Semigroups, Automata and Formal Languages"
A. Cherubini (Politecnico of Milano)
J. Meakin (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

42) "Semigroups of Operators and Applications"
F. Altomare (University of Bari)
F. Neubrander
(Louisiana State University)

43) Session whitdrawn by promoters

44) "Some Mathematics around Composites"
B. Kohn (Courant Institute)
V. Nesi
(University of Roma, "La Sapienza") )

45) "Structured Matrix Analysis with Applications"
D. A. Bini (University of Pisa)
T. Kailath (Stanford University)

46) "The Topology of 3 - manifolds"
R. Benedetti (University of Pisa)
C. Petronio
(University of Pisa)
D. Rolfsen
J. Weeks
(Canton NY)

47) "Variational Analysis and Applications"
F. Giannessi (University of Pisa)
B. S. Mordukhovic
(University of Detroit)
B. Ricceri
(University of Catania)
T. Rockafellar
(University of Washington)

48) "Viscosity Methods in PDE's and Applications"
P. Cannarsa (University of Roma II)
I. Capuzzo Dolcetta
(University of Roma, "La Sapienza")
P. Souganidis
(University of Texas at Austin)

49) Session whitdrawn by promoters

50) "Contributed papers"

51) "Algebraic Logic and Universal Algebra"
P. Aglianò (University of Siena)
K. Kearnes (University of Colorado)
D. Pigozzi (Iowa State University)
F. Montagna (University of Siena)


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